Entertaining Angels in Disguise

Episode: 6

Guest: Randy Walters

Topic: Guest Randy Walters tells about Anchor Moments he had when running Wimpy's Paradise, a restaurant renowned for his hamburgers, hot dogs, and hugs. He ran into at least one angel and may have prevented a few suicides in his ten-year stint as owner of a special mom-and-pop shop with heart in downtown Chandler, Arizona.

God Calls You by Name

Episode: 5   

Guest: Jimmy Silva

Topic: Guest Jimmy Silva recounts personal Anchor Moment stories he had with God, struggling with the heartache of two miscarriages after he and his wife tried for many years to start a family. Jimmy shares a special anchor moment when God helped them choose and adopt four siblings from foster care to be part of their forever family.

Letting your Purpose be a Solution

Episode: 4 

Guest: Crystal Blackwell

Topic: Business coach Crystal Blackwell tells her Anchor Moment with God that led to her leaving a very successful career to work on her calling: coaching millennials who are rising in their careers. Crystal prays each morning, “God, please let my purpose be a solution.”

Stories of Hope: When Your Calling Finds You 

Episode: 3   

Guest: Leah Benson

Leah Benson tells her personal Anchor Moment stories of God helping her in times of sadness to rise above tragedies and to find her calling: helping girls and women go from sexual trauma to triumph.

A Love Story

Episode: 2   

Guest: Jeff La Benz 

Gina and Jeff La Benz share their Anchor Moments of God leading them to each other.

What Are Anchor Moments?

Episode: 1  

Guest: Christine Ellis 

Host Gina La Benz introduces the concept of Anchor Moments, the times when you have felt God's presence in your life.  Christine Ellis shares the Anchor Moment stories from her life, starting with her adventure of coming to the United States from Haiti as a teenager. 

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