What are Anchor Moments?

 Want to be more connected with God?  Join author and host of Anchor Moments, Gina La Benz, and get anchored!  Hear compelling stories of people who have discovered God's presence in their lives. See where God is leading you in YOUR life! 

Anchor Moments: Hope, Healing and Forgiveness -- available now on Amazon.


Anchor Moments… you may be asking yourself, “What are they... and have I had some?”    Anchor Moments are times in your life when you have felt God’s presence or gentle nudging on your journey through life.   I believe that we have a loving God who loves every one of us, and His greatest joy is watching His children be kind to one another.  Come to Anchor Moments to be inspired and to inspire others while on your journey!

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"Over the years we can be hurt by different people and life events.  We have a choice to carry those hurts with us in our hearts everyday or to drop the old bags of pain and start each day fresh and new."

-- Gina La Benz

Anchor Moments: Hope, Healing and Forgiveness