Anchor Moments with Gina La Benz

Want to be more connected with God?  Join author and host of Anchor Moments, Gina La Benz, and get anchored!  Hear compelling stories of people who have discovered God's presence in their lives. See where God is leading you in YOUR life!

God will fight for you (Elena Porter, Part 2)

Episode: 22   

Guest: Elena Porter

Topic: Life is a battlefield. Life is challenging. Sometimes the battle isn’t yours to fight. Sometimes your role is to be still and let God be God.

Find Your Feet (Elena Porter, Part 1)

Episode: 21

Guest: Elena Porter

Topic: Life isn’t easy for anyone. Some have more challenges than others. But those with faith know they are never alone. Sometimes you need to just find your feet, firmly root them in your faith and rise up.

Turning towards God: My journey towards redemption

Episode: 20   

Guest: Darren Brown

Topic: When you turn your life towards God, you will be REDEEMED. God will provide for you by putting you in situations you never thought you would ever have in your life.

The Amazing Freedom of Forgiveness!

Episode: 19   

Guest: Kitty Chappell

Topic: Every person alive has been hurt in some way by someone and survived. But not all survivors are "overcomers."  Overcomers become better, not bitter, through forgiveness.

Living An Inspired Life

Episode: 18  

Guest: LaDonya Hinson

Topic: Guest LaDonya Hinson, motivational speaker, life coach and author of Living An Inspired Life, inspires you to turn your "Pain into Power," "Trauma into Triumph" -- and not just how to survive, but thrive!

Weekend Missions in Mexico

Episode: 17

Guest: Mark Lastovica

Topic: Guest Mark Lastoica, owner of Magic Touch Carpet Cleaning, shares how he found his purpose and unexpected ministry, and the joys he experiences in weekend missions to Rocky Point, Mexico.

Surprises of The Holy Spirit

Episode: 16 

Guest: Pat Kruska

Topic: Guest Pat Kruska, Youth Ministry Director at St. Mary's Catholic Church in Chandler, Arizona, tells her Anchor Moment stories -- beginning with the faith-filled women who acted as angels in her life, guiding her to God while growing up, to the surprises of the Holy Spirit that she experienced as a young mother stricken with debilitating illness, and the joys of guiding teens to God today herself.

Bumps and Curves on the Road of Life

Episode: 15 

Guest: Frank Leutz

Topic: Guest Frank Leutz, owner of Desert Car Care and host of the Wrench Nation radio show, shares the bumps and curves on his road of life being raised by a single mom in New York in the 1970s, becoming a musician, military service, the surprise adoption of his second child, and a miracle that saved a life.

Reclaim Your Scattered Story

Episode: 13 

Guest: Lynne Hartke

Topic: Guest and Author Lynne Hartke tells Anchor Moments she had while she and her parents were fighting cancer. Lynne is a ten year breast cancer survivor who teaches a writing course to cancer patients called Reclaim Your Scattered Story.

You are just a Quote away from your Greatness!

Episode: 12 

Guest: Lisa Guice

Topic: Guest, Lisa Guice is an author, international speaker and self relationship expert who has a strong relationship with God. Lisa shares many stories including one where she helped and inspired Gina about a year ago at Lisa's She's an Empire Event.

Touched by Jesus

Episode: 11 

Guest: Chuck Keels

Topic: Guest Chuck Keels was given only 3 months to live almost four years ago after being diagnosed with stage four cancer.

Star of Devin

Episode: 10   

Guest: Joanne Zubal

Topic: Guest Joanne Zubal tells how her son Devin got injured in the Army and how the Star of Devin quilt pattern came about and bringing that quilt home.

Whispers of the Heart

Episode: 9   

Guest: Lin Sue Cooney

Topic: Lin Sue Cooney shares some of her Anchor Moments adopting her son from China, leaving 12 News as an anchor to work for Hospice of the Valley, and more!

Angels Surround Us

Episode: 8   

Guest: Herbert Washington

Topic: Guest Herbert Washington, Artistic Director of the Phoenix Boys Choir, tells about growing up in foster care and angels that have helped him in his life.

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